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What is Education Advocacy?

This service provides training and advocacy to staff and families around educational issues. We work collaboratively with individual schools and school districts to support the needs of families and children.

How Our Service Assist Families...
What Service Do We

  • Parent support, mentoring, and encouragement
  • Consultation on educational concerns such as discipline and special education
  • Helping parents learn how to cope when their child is diagnosed with a disability
  • Assisting parents in learning how to balance the needs of all children within the home
  • Providing information, resources, workshops, and parent training
  • Promoting access to educational and community resources
  • Providing information about the special education process: IDEIA, 504, ARD/IEP
  • Attendance and participation in parent-school conferences
  • Assistance in writing follow-up school related communications

See attached Flyer for Education Advocacy Services


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